Power Sharing for a united Syria

since 2018

The Project Power-sharing for a united Syria: Capacity Building, Dialogue and Public Relations for the Kurdish National Council and representatives of other Syrian minorities is the successor project to Capacity Building for the Kurdish National Council in Syria. (more…)


Kurdish National Council – Geneva / Berlin



The Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) was founded on October 26, 2011 in al-Qamishli. The KNC is a body composed  of representatives of Syrian-Kurdish political parties as well as members of civil society organisations and independent personalities. On April 21, 2012 an interim political programme was released. (more…)


War Is No Excuse

Graffiti: Keine Kindersoldaten

No Recruitment of Child Soldiers by the PYD


Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011. Many of the parties involved are recruiting child soldiers and use them in combat—the Syrian-Kurdish PYD (Democratic Union Party) is no exception. (more…)


English books 3:

Cover page

Susan Meiselas:
Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History. Second edition.
With historical introductions and a new postscript by Martin van Bruinessen.

Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History traces the history of the Kurds by presenting photographs and accounts by colonial administrators, anthropologists, missionaries, journalists, and others who have traveled to Kurdistan over the last century.



English books 2:

cover page

Andrea Fischer-Tahir:
Brave men, pretty women? Gender and symbolic violence in Iraqi Kurdish urban society

This book is a pleasant change from the recent streams of books on Iraqi Kurdistan that are focused almost exclusively on political developments.



English books 1:

Harriet Montgomery:
The Kurds of Syria: An existence denied

The main focus of the book is the human rights issues pertaining to the Kurds of Syria. But rather than starkly setting out the bare bones of human rights violations in Syria, the book contextualises the Kurdish question in Syria and provides some explanation for its development.