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From 2009 to 2016, we run an independent website called »KurdWatch« that reported on human-rights abuses against the Kurdish population in Syria. We also reported on the development of the civil war and its consequences for people living in the Kurdish areas. Our news coverage focused on current daily events such as demonstrations, arrests, kidnappings, and torture. In addition we researched background information on topics such as the development of Kurdish political parties or  the expatriation of 1962. Further topics included everyday life in the Kurdish-settled areas of Syria, the economic situation in-country, or the health system.

We din’t aim to be the first to report on an event, but instead to deliver reliable information that was supported by several sources. Our reporting closed the knowledge and research gaps on the situation of Kurds in Syria and supported the work of human-rights organizations, academic researchers, politicians, journalists, and courts.

As of September 2016, KurdWatch discontinued reporting.

You can find the archive at: